At DNA Brickwork and Builders we are incredibly proud to be members of the NHBC. It’s something we have worked very hard for as a business, and it provides another level of confidence for our customers. But we realise that if you’re not in the building trade, that might just sound like a big jumble of letters! So today we want to explain to you what the NHBC is, why we’re members, and why it’s important that you choose an NHBC registered builder (like us) for your next project.


The National House Building Council

Let’s start with the basics. NHBC stands for the National House Building Council. It was established back in 1936, and they are the biggest independent, non-profit association in the building world. They are the UK’s leading provider of warranty and insurance for new homes. This might sound like just a paperwork thing, but it means that if a builder or property has been signed off and gives warrantee and insurance by the NHBC, you can trust that the build is of incredibly high quality. They aim to build confidence in the construction of new homes, and will do a full assessment and inspection of all new homes registered with them (which includes all of the homes we build). They make sure all work complies with the relevant building regulations, and is of high enough quality to meet their standards for warranty and insurance. Which all sounds very professional – because that’s what they push us to do. In order to sell homes covered by the NHBC benchmark insurance, builders have to comply with their requirements, which define the technical and performance requirements for all new homes. This means buyers can be confident that their new home is compliant with the relevant building and fire safety regulations, and was built using leading practices in the construction industry.


Why Being NHBC Registered Matters To Us

We’ve been NHBC registered and compliant since we first set up, and are proud to be part of it. Being NHBC registered is like a badge of honour for us – it’s a signal to our customers that we care about the quality of our building work, and that we have done everything we can to ensure our work is superior. It also means we can offer a warranty and insurance, so no buyer needs to worry about mortgages, or being out of pocket if something unexpected does go wrong. Being a part of the NHBC means our customers can rest easy, and be confident of the quality of our work before we’ve even started. And because the NHBS regularly provides guidance, information and resources, we are able to keep up with the latest standards and regulations, and incorporate them into our work right away.


Why You Should Use an NHBC Registered Company

Well, the main reason is that you really need to. A developer is not legally required to provide a warranty on a new home, and there are still plenty out there who don’t. The good news is if a developer isn’t willing to provide a warranty on their work it’s a pretty good sign that they aren’t a trustworthy company, so you know to stay away. It’s one of the biggest red flags in the building world. On top of that, many lenders won’t actually give you a mortgage on a new build without a warranty, which is one of the reasons most reputable developers will offer one. That’s the legal side of things, but from the personal side, it’s all about security. That little piece of paper is your peace of mind. That you’re using a reputable builder, who will take all the right steps to make sure your new home is safe, legally compliant and who will take very good care of you.


So that’s why we’re so proud to be NHBC registered. At DNA Brickwork & Builders we will always provide you with a NHBC warranty and insurance certificate whenever it’s needed, and we are happy to talk through what it means and how it works any time. So if you would like to find out more about us, the NHBC or just want to look at some new windows and doors, we would love to hear from you.