How An Electrician Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making your home more energy efficient may seem troublesome at first - after all, it might involve rewriting, installation of new equipment or moving things around, all of which can be inconvenient and expensive. But with the rise of energy-saving products in the market, there are countless ways you can be greener with energy without [...]

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8 Key Questions To Ask When Hiring A Builder

When you’re planning out a building project, there are a lot of things to consider. Whether you’re building a brand new house from scratch or putting up a new wall in the garden, there are policies to follow, paperwork to fill in and checks to do. And one of the most important things you should [...]

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2022 – Should You Move, or Extend?

It’s the time of year when people start thinking about their house, and how suitable it is for their lifestyle. You’ve just spent Christmas with all the family visiting, squished into a dining room and sitting on office chairs and beanbags to fit in, or crowded elbow-to-elbow into a living room to count down the [...]

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Renovating Your Bathroom? 4 Electrical Issues To Bear In Mind

Renovating your bathroom isn’t a weekend job. Far from it! It’s a big project that takes a lot of planning, preparation and expertise, which is why it ends up on the homeowners wish list for such a long time! And even if you are the aspirational DIY type and decide to give it a go [...]

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Preparing Your Home For An Electric Car

There’s no denying that electric cars are the future. And with the government banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 means that one day in the not too distant future all of us will be driving some form of hybrid or electric car. So now your priority shouldn’t be on what [...]

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What Is The NHBC And Why Does It Matter?

At DNA Brickwork and Builders we are incredibly proud to be members of the NHBC. It’s something we have worked very hard for as a business, and it provides another level of confidence for our customers. But we realise that if you’re not in the building trade, that might just sound like a big jumble [...]

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Your Guide to Grants for Electric Car Charge Points

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that the UK government intends to end the sale of all non-electric cars by 2035. We know that 14 years sounds like a long time, but we promise it’ll go by in a flash! And this is 5 years ahead of the previous commitment from the Government! It [...]

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