What Is The NHBC And Why Does It Matter?

At DNA Brickwork and Builders we are incredibly proud to be members of the NHBC. It’s something we have worked very hard for as a business, and it provides another level of confidence for our customers. But we realise that if you’re not in the building trade, that might just sound like a big jumble [...]

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Your Guide to Grants for Electric Car Charge Points

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that the UK government intends to end the sale of all non-electric cars by 2035. We know that 14 years sounds like a long time, but we promise it’ll go by in a flash! And this is 5 years ahead of the previous commitment from the Government! It [...]

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8 Reasons You Should Build Your Home, Not Buy It

When you’re ready to buy your very own home, most people will play it safe and take a trip to the estate agent. But with the funds you have to buy a home ‘off the shelf’ as it were, you also have the option to build your own. Of course, there are pros and cons [...]

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Planning The Right Type Of Extension For You

If you’re feeling a bit cramped in your home and feel like you need some extra space, your first thought might be that it’s time to move on to a bigger house. But if, like many people in the UK, you like where you are, or you aren’t in a position to move right now, [...]

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Extension Building – 4 Electrical Issues to Bear in Mind

Extending is a very popular way to add space to your home without having to move. In Britain, 46% of people will extend one of their homes at some point, with many extensions being about delivering ‘wow’ factor as much as adding extra space. But every extension is different, and there are a lot of [...]

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How Solar Panels Could Save You Money On Your Bills

You might not think that right now is a good time to think about solar panels. Not only are times a little uncertain, but because we’re now firmly in autumn weather, moving very quickly towards the winter, meaning dark evenings and overcast days. All in all, it’s safe to say no one in the UK [...]

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