Planning The Right Type Of Extension For You

If you’re feeling a bit cramped in your home and feel like you need some extra space, your first thought might be that it’s time to move on to a bigger house. But if, like many people in the UK, you like where you are, or you aren’t in a position to move right now, [...]

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Extension Building – 4 Electrical Issues to Bear in Mind

Extending is a very popular way to add space to your home without having to move. In Britain, 46% of people will extend one of their homes at some point, with many extensions being about delivering ‘wow’ factor as much as adding extra space. But every extension is different, and there are a lot of [...]

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How Solar Panels Could Save You Money On Your Bills

You might not think that right now is a good time to think about solar panels. Not only are times a little uncertain, but because we’re now firmly in autumn weather, moving very quickly towards the winter, meaning dark evenings and overcast days. All in all, it’s safe to say no one in the UK [...]

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Extension Rules You Should Know About (Permitted Development Version)

We love building extensions. There’s something wonderful about helping people create their forever home from the house they bought, and watch their family and life expand to fill it. But we’re not going to lie – it’s not a simple thing. There are a lot of rules around building extensions, what you are and aren’t [...]

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Questions To Ask Your New Home Builder

Building a house is not a small task. And if you thought buying a house was complicated, be prepared for a whole new level of stress when building your own. But it’s worth it all – because as soon as you step through the front doors of a house you designed, that no one else [...]

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4 Things To Consider When Building A Home Office

For the last few months, most of us have been introduced (a bit roughly), into the world of home working. For some of us, working at home has been the norm for a while, but for most people it’s been a shock to the system. Desks have been thrown together out of dining room tables, [...]

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Are Electric Cars Really The Future?

Yes. Really, that’s not a question. Electric cars solve a lot of problems for our planet and our economy. We’re now at a stage where almost every major car manufacturer out there has at least one full electric, or at least hybrid vehicle on the market, and lots of them have more than one to [...]

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