For years, we have been reliant on electricity to give us light. But technological advancements have allowed us to harness the sun’s awesome power, creating a new age for power and light. At DNA Brickwork & Builders, we are always looking for ways to bring the latest technologies into our projects, which is why we offer the installation of renewable energy solutions like solar panels. Solar power is the greenest type of energy there is, and provides you with an ongoing, permanent source of fuel and energy for your home, without having to rely on other services or resources.

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Save Money, Save The Planet

Most people don’t think of renewable energy as something they could use in their homes – but they couldn’t be more wrong. If done properly, renewable energy solutions like solar panels could not only save the planet, but save you a lot of money too. By installing solar panels onto the right area of your roof, you could generate enough electricity to power your entire house, without having to draw from the grid at all. And, as a bonus, any extra power you generate can actually be sold back to the National Grid, so it doesn’t just save you money, it makes it as well. If you want a bit of extra security, you can opt for battery storage as well, which essentially gives you a backup generator for your home, so if there is a power outage, you won’t be affected at all. All of that, and it’s much better for the planet as well.

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Turning your home into a green machine doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Our team have years of experience installing solar panels in both residential and commercial settings, and we are ready to handle the whole process from beginning to end. We can work closely with you to decide where you want them installed, give you options for brand and price points, and manage the entire procurement and installation. We can even give you use advice and guidelines, as well as maintenance instructions so you can

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