The last few months have been challenging for a lot of industries and businesses. Including the construction sector, which took a bit of a hit at first when absolute zero contact came into play. Building work is, by nature, close proximity, particularly when we’re working on things like extensions to someone’s home. But the virus hasn’t stopped us from working, and now that we’ve had some time to adapt, the team at DNA Brickwork & Builders are back to working at full capacity again. Here are just some of the changes we’ve put in place over the last 3 months to ensure our employees and our clients are kept safe.


Vacant Lots

The truth is that for some of our work, Covid hasn’t had as much of an impact. When we’re building a house from scratch, there is no risk of residents having or catching Covid, since no one has lived in the house before. So working on from scratch builds has largely carried on as normal, with a few minor changes to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. We have still been working on vacant properties throughout quarantine, so that we can still meet our deadlines and keep our clients happy.


Regular Cleaning

Now, we have always been very big on cleaning, for ourselves and our tools. But with Covid, we have redoubled our efforts to keep ourselves, our tools and our workspaces clean. We have a large supply of hand sanitiser with us on site at all times, which is regularly used by all workmen before, during and after work. Staff are required to regularly wash their hands with soap and water, to reduce risk. Tools are all sterilised after use, either with water and soap, and alcohol-based sanitiser, to ensure all tools are clean and ready for use the next day. All of our staff are also required to wear face masks, which reduces the risk of anything being caught or transmitted while working in close proximity.


Social Distancing

And of course, we are observing all government guidance around safety in the workplace, including social distancing. We have trained all our staff in new safe practices while on-site, and risk reduction when at home. Any staff showing symptoms are asked to remain at home and isolate, though thankfully this has not been an issue so far. We have also switched to working in partner teams, so each person only works with one or a few other dedicated team members, and isn’t moving between teams at any time. This greatly reduces risk and allows our teams to keep working efficiently. We’ve also brought on a health and safety advisor, who is supporting us in ensuring we are doing all the right things to keep everyone safe and healthy while working during Covid.


And finally, we want to thank you all for being so patient and understanding. Covid-19 has been, and still is, a difficult time for all of us. Everyone has been adapting to the new way of life, and a new way of working – including us. But the team at DNA are committed to staying safe and keeping our staff and clients healthy, which means things may look a bit different for a while. If you have any questions about the new ways we’re working, or how Covid could impact your build project, we’re happy to help. Just get in touch with our office today, and one of the team will be able to answer any of your questions.