Making your home more energy efficient may seem troublesome at first – after all, it might involve rewriting, installation of new equipment or moving things around, all of which can be inconvenient and expensive. But with the rise of energy-saving products in the market, there are countless ways you can be greener with energy without breaking the bank. We’ve noticed that today’s homeowners are particularly focused on being green and energy efficient because the results of our impact on the environment are readily accessible, and more obvious than ever.

But it’s not only the environment that suffers when we use too much energy. With energy prices climbing higher every day, our utility bills will start to become unmanageable unless we change the way we do things to consume less energy. But by taking steps to reduce the amount of power we use in our homes every day, whether it’s gas or electricity, we can each make a difference in the effort to save our planet.


Energy And The Environment

Using energy of any kind produces something called greenhouse gas, which you’ve probably heard of before. These gasses are capable of absorbing radiation from their surroundings and emitting it back out within their own thermal infrared range as they travel. This moves those dangerous chemicals and radiation around the planet, and they have been slowly damaging our ozone layer for decades now. The most commonly produced greenhouse gasses include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide – all of which can be incredibly dangerous in high concentrations.

Of course, remembering to turn a light off in the house every now and then isn’t going to stop the effects of global warming in its tracks, no matter what your mum used to say. But if every household adopted just one reduced energy method, we could easily start taking big steps toward saving our world. If you’re unsure where you should start with this, speak to an electrician.


Why Work With An Electrician?

Electricians do much more than just connect up cables. A skilled electrician can help you learn how to conserve energy in your home without too many changes, and can even recommend measures you can take to generate your own energy. Most electricians will be fairly knowledgable about cost-effective ways to lower your electricity usage, and therefore your bills.

Don’t believe us? Just look around your home right now. How many things do you have plugged in and turned on that doesn’t need to be? Probably a fair few! From mobile phones on the charge to TVs and even kitchen appliances, if something is plugged in, even if it’s not turned on, electricity is still flowing to that socket. An electrician can start by conducting an energy audit in your home, showing you where your energy is going and what you could unplug to save money.

If your home is slightly older, your wiring might benefit from an upgrade to be more efficient. Old wires are potential fire hazards, and faulty wiring can lead to electrical leaks (where electricity literally leaks out of your cables as water would), which can cost you a small fortune. A simple inspection can find these issues and provide you a quote to repair and upgrade your wiring, along with an estimate of how much you could save.

And finally, they can advise about the possibility of installing energy generating systems in your house as well. The most common option is solar panels, which capture the energy from the sun and convert it into energy. This has been an incredibly successful venture for many homeowners, with the ability to store electricity in batteries and even sell any surplus you generate back to the national grid!


Here at DNA, we’re big on energy efficiency and money savings for our customers. It’s ingrained into everything we do, and our team of electricians are just one of the ways we can get great results for our clients. And with the rise in energy prices along with the availability of energy-saving products, it’s never been easier to be green in your own home. With just a few key changes, you could not only save the environment by using less energy but save yourself a substantial amount of money on every bill as well. Who wouldn’t want that?

Whether you’re designing a new home from scratch or just want to bring your existing home up to code, we would love to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. Just get in touch today to book your free consultation with one of our team.