When you’re ready to buy your very own home, most people will play it safe and take a trip to the estate agent. But with the funds you have to buy a home ‘off the shelf’ as it were, you also have the option to build your own. Of course, there are pros and cons to buying vs building, but we always recommend you look at building your own home before you start browsing Rightmove. Why? Here are 8 reasons you should build your home, and not buy it.


It’s Brand New

When you build a home, what you walk into is a brand-spanking new house. Everything is clean and shiny, no one has lived in it before, and everything is new in. Not only does that feel amazing, but it also means the odds of you needing to make any repairs in the first few years are slim to none. So you have longer to settle in and enjoy your home, without worrying about any little fixes you would need to make in an older home.


Customise To Your Lifestyle

Everyone has their preferences, and finding a house on the market that meets every need you have can be almost impossible. So you end up settling for the house that has most of what you need instead. But if you build your own home, you have complete control over every element of the design and build process. Want a separate dining room? Done. Need a wet room inside the back door for the dogs after their muddy walks? No problem. Need a garage, outbuilding and a big garden? You can do that. By building it yourself you can customise your floorplan in a way that makes sense to you and your family, and you can add all those little extras that make you happy.


Avoid the Bidding War

Buying a house is expensive no matter how you do it, but buying a pre-existing house definitely adds a 0 or two to the price. And when the market is particularly active, homes can sell quickly and for higher prices, which can make finding a home to buy difficult and frustrating. And when you do find one you like, you can easily end up in a bidding war with no guarantee you’ll win. When you build your own home, you completely avoid the whole bidding process, and never have to worry about outbidding other buyers or the stress that comes from home shopping.


Move-In Ready

When you buy a home there is always something that needs to be done before it’s ready to move into. There are very few homes that wouldn’t need a bit of DIY doing, or at the very least redecorating, which means you end up waiting longer to move in, and end up spending more money as well. But if you build a home from scratch, it’s exactly as you want it, from flooring to the cupboard hardware. This means you can sit back and start enjoying your home from day one – and you’re already ready for that big housewarming party!


Integrate Tech

Smart homes are definitely the future, but as with most new technologies, it’s challenging to integrate smart tech into older homes that weren’t designed for it. So if you want the safety and convenience of a smart home, then building it is really the only way. Even if the home you build isn’t packed with tech from the get-go, it can be tech ready for anything you do in the future. That means installation will be easier, and you can have as much or as little smart tech as you want.


Energy Efficiency

When you care about the environment and being energy efficient, you can make a big differences by designing an eco-friendly home. For example, you can focus on installing things like solar panels, heat pumps and efficient heating or plumbing systems. Whatever you chose, you can integrate energy efficient technology into your home in a customised way that focuses on what means the most to you.


Current on Codes

Building codes can and do change over time, and older homes will often be on the verge of needing remedial work done, if they don’t need to be updated already. Building from scratch means your home will be completely up to date on all safety codes, and nothing will have been grandfathered in. This means your home will be as safe as possible, and you won’t need to pay for any expensive updates.


That Homey Feeling

And of course, we can’t forget the emotional attachment that comes from stating in a home that you designed and watched being built. There’s nothing quite like knowing that it’s all yours, and no one has ever lived there before. You get to start fresh and put your own stamp on the home, which has been customised just for you.


So, if you’re looking to buy a home, why not consider building one first? At DNA Brickwork & Builders we are always happy to talk through your ideas and provide quotes, so you can make an informed decision on what is right for you. Our team of experts have been building homes for decades, and we would love to help you build your forever home. Just get in touch with our team today to find out more.