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At this time of year #DNABrickwork are thirsty builders , but that Sun is doing just right, so no complaints. But that led us to wonder how you might be able to offer your hard working brickies, sparkies and roofers the perfect tipple. 

We asked the lads for their preference.

Eric, one of our more sophisticated tradesman, (we know that, because he prefers watching ladies tennis than the footy..What a weirdo!), he favours those long cool colourful alcohol free cordials!

Bruno. What can we say…So long as it’s got ice in it, it’ll do the trick.

Then we have Rufus.. Yeah you guessed, he’s the chap who…well, who puts the roof on… We thought he’d like anything with an umbrella, cos it’s very warm out there on the roof! But no!.. He likes a good cup of tea,, It makes one perspire and therefore keeps body temperature controlled. How very sensible.

So there you have it!… Treat your builder to a cordial or an icy icy fizzy drink! And the bloke on the roof..just check, he might want a good strong cuppa!

Me, on the other-hand, I think they’re all barking. If it doesn’t start with an ‘L’ end with an ‘R’, is 5 letters long with a ‘G’ in  the middle, then its poison. But what do I know I only dig the holes for the footings and … sometimes they even come out straight 😉


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